Our goal is to consistently offer our clients innovative services to protect and grow their wealth in all its many facets. Sartus Capital provides access to best-in-class investment products based on our own in-house capabilities and on an open and independent architecture platform.
To bolster our ideas flow, we supplement our proprietary market research with access to a multitude of different analysts and research portals of major financial institutions, including UBS, Goldman Sachs, Lombard Odier and XP’s Global Asset Allocation Committee. These form the base for our holistic and independent investment process.
Sartus Capital provides discretionary and advisory portfolio and asset management services, asset consolidation and reporting, private investment opportunities, B2B partnerships, wealth planning, philanthropic advisory services, impact investing, merchant banking and debt issuance, and family office services.
Through our international network and partners, Sartus teams up with expert service providers for all types of client needs, to ensure specialists are addressing each specific challenge to the benefit of our clients.
Portfolio and Asset Management
Managing assets today requires agility, innovation and a constant re-assessment of assumptions and risks. Sartus manages assets under both discretionary and advisory mandates. We work with our clients to define their investment horizon, their risk profile and their targeted investment criteria.
This allows us to provide a bespoke and tailor-made investment service for our clients. Our approach encompasses asset allocation decisions, tactical trading, currency and other hedging overlays, individual investment selection, and constant risk monitoring and control.
We regularly update our clients and work with them to deliver long-term investment performance and support. We also partner with best-in-class portfolio managers and invite them to joint venture with us to access prime opportunities -- specifically areas of investment where there are either high barriers to entry or certain niche products that allow the clients privileged access to unique investments.
This includes specific thematic investment opportunities, for example in areas of the new economy such as mobile payments, robotics, and sustainable energy. It also encompasses accessing closed funds and alternative strategies that are not normally available to individual investors. Our management takes the lead in upholding our stringent compliance and risk oversight requirements.
Asset Consolidation and Reporting
Wealth naturally generates a diverse array of assets in different jurisdictions, all of which need to be accounted for and efficiently deployed. Whether it is stocks or art, planes or real estate, or any other assets, our consolidation and reporting services allow clients to view their portfolio across several different custodian banks and beyond.
Our clients can easily and securely access their portfolios online or on a mobile device, with the ability to provide user-friendly tailor-made reporting to suit individual needs. We provide cost, risk and benchmark control monitoring, and ensure investments and charges are correctly reflected and booked with the various custodian banks.
Transparency and precise consolidation of holdings are invaluable tools for families to plan and develop their distinct strategies to optimize wealth generation. Sartus is there to help each step of the way.
Private Investment Opportunities
Many great deals are not available in the public markets. Through our global network and partner multi-family offices, we have constant access to pre-IPO deals, direct private equity, direct lending, and property investments.
We assist clients in accessing these deals and can facilitate the origination of suitable co-investment opportunities with like-minded investors. We also offer access to a range of leading private equity fund managers to diversify portfolio risks and boost returns.
B2B Partnerships
Clients are increasingly sophisticated and they expect independent advice that generates meaningful returns. This has created a growing demand for specialty investment firms and agents around the globe who partner with Sartus to provide the scale, access and investment prowess to meet their clients’ needs.
This fruitful collaboration is illustrated with the “agente autonomos” in Brazil who work hand-in-hand with Sartus to offer expertly-managed portfolios custodied at a wide-range of leading banks. Our B2B partnerships deliver bespoke investment services together with those who know their clients best.
Wealth Planning
For today’s increasingly global families and investors, wealth planning is vital. We have the knowledge and experience to help clients plan and navigate through succession issues, redistribution of wealth and cross-jurisdictional challenges.
Through our global network, our team can also leverage a range of independent third-party providers in all relevant fields, including tax and estate planning, trusts and foundations, and legal and corporate services.
Philanthropic Advisory and Impact Investing
What will be your legacy? Sartus works with a network of specialists to assist clients in planning, evaluating and completing philanthropic projects. In the sphere of impact investments, we recognize that ESG investing must not be another marketing label: it is a new way to look at portfolio construction from a sustainability perspective.
The precise investment strategies being followed must measure up, must operate by the ideals they espouse, and must deliver meaningful performance for the investor and the wider community.
We collaborate with independent third-party experts and fund managers to assist clients in designing portfolios that support values that are in line with the client’s unique vision.
Merchant Banking and Debt Issuance
Entrepreneurs need dynamic and discrete M&A and capital market services. Through our experienced team and international partners, we can assist clients with merchant banking activities and provide debt issuance services, allowing clients to tap new international sources of financing and investment.
Family Office Services
Luxury in all its different forms is something to be earned and appreciated. We bring our privileged access to events, travel, property and staff management, art management and family accounting for our clients to enjoy.
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